Welcome to Creative Clan’s website! Based out of Toronto, Canada, our company offers business advisory, financial management and accounting services to creative enterprises. Learn more about Creative Clan below.

Company Overview

Every business has a need for financial management, but at Creative Clan, it is our mission to support creative entities. We understand numbers and analysis are not at the forefront of your endeavors, that’s why we’re here to help! By managing your enterprises’ finances, you can focus on what’s important: fulfilling your creative vision.

What People Say

Creative Clan is doing a phenomenal job and I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for accounting services.

Karen Bruce, Women in Film & Television – Toronto

Working with Creative Clan on a freelance basis is incredibly easy. She is always up for the challenge when taking on any assignment thrown in her direction.

Hayley Vesh, Editor & Writer at RATESDOTCA

So glad we found someone that shares similar values and that we are able to connect with! 

Kris Pagaduan & Tlisa Ghany, LooseFade


In 2018, Caitlin Devon founded a company called VO Writing Company. At the time, Caitlin was an in-industry accountant pursuing the CPA designation. Unsure of where her career was going, Caitlin decided to write under the pen name Veronica Ott. Over the years, the Veronica Ott brand grew significantly in the personal finance content creation niche.

In 2020, Caitlin expanded operations into accounting, tax and business consulting services. The expansion was successful leading to the birth of Creative Clan. Today, Caitlin and her team provide business advisory, financial management and accounting services to creative enterprises.

About Caitlin Devon

Caitlin is an accountant, creator and entrepreneur. She attended Western University and obtained an undergraduate degree in accounting. Shortly after, she began the Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA) program while working in private equity. After two years, Caitlin worked in consulting and advertising for a year where she completed her CPA designation.  

As a creative, Caitlin specializes in writing and film. She began her entrepreneurial career writing content for finance blogs. Because Caitlin enjoyed writing so much, she attended various creative writing courses at U of T, choosing screenwriting as her favorite discipline. In addition, Caitlin completed the Film and Multiplatform Storytelling post-graduate program with Humber College. She wrote, directed and produced a short film titled Smoke Screen which is entering film festivals in the summer. Caitlin also co-wrote two feature length scripts, Heresy and Penny’s Deal, with her colleague Cyprianos Carasoulos. The duo started their own blog titled Screen Facts as well.

When Caitlin isn’t working on her projects at Creative Clan, she enjoys cooking, reading, listening to music and watching films.

Giving Back

The ability to give back to the community is important to Creative Clan. Every month, a donation is made to Horizons for Youth, a local organization in Toronto dedicated to helping at risk youth. 

Let’s build something together.