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Creative Clan works alongside the following companies & many more!

Accounting, Business Advisory & Financial Management Projects

“Caitlin has been Women in Film & Television – Toronto’s bookkeeper for under a year but already we have seen significant improvements and efficiencies to our bookkeeping. She is thorough and efficient creating and providing reports in a timely manner that has exceeded our expectations. Creative Clan is doing a phenomenal job and I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for accounting services.”

Karen Bruce, Executive Director of Women in Film & Television – Toronto

“An unexpected exchange of energy led to us hiring Caitlin! We first met her at one of our pop-up shops and she mentioned her work for small businesses so, it was an instant click. Working with her has been so easy, she’s taken a huge load off of our shoulders and was very punctual & patient with us in creating our business plan, accounting and overall management. So glad we found someone that shares similar values and that we are able to connect with!”

Kris Pagaduan & Tlisa Ghany, Owners of LooseFade

“Working with Caitlin on the HOMOS ARE MY HOMiES business plan was straightforward. She asked for my past financials, my future goals, brief descriptions of what I currently have and am working on. She then took what I said and both honored it and ran with it. Her business plan included all the things I wanted and included avenues and information I had not thought of. She was well researched and provided tangible numbers, dates, and goals. Well in line with what we outlined in the preliminary interview. She offered adjustments and clarification on the final product and even delivered before the deadline she provided. Working with Caitlin was fantastic and I look forward to her continued support and expertise in the coming years.”

Cyprianos Carasoulos, Owner & Operator of HOMOS ARE MY HOMiES INC.

Financial Writing Projects

“Working with Caitlin on a freelance basis is incredibly easy. She is always up for the challenge when taking on any assignment thrown in her direction and can turn around stories in a flash. She is friendly, professional and dedicated. Caitlin knows her audience and would be an asset to any team or business.”

Hayley Vesh, Editor & Writer at RATESDOTCA

“Caitlin has done an excellent job at creating a lot of articles for our personal finance blog. She delivered outstanding content on various finance topics that was easy to read and understand. It was a pleasure working with her as a freelance writer, she is very professional and was easy to work with. I highly recommend her.”

Mohamed Konate, Director, Partnership & Business Development of My Rate Compass

“I hired Caitlin as a freelance writer to work on blog posts as part of our content marketing efforts. She provided excellent articles on a weekly basis and is very easy to work with. Her articles were always exactly what I wanted, easy to read, to the point, and always included accurate information. Cannot recommend her enough!”

Caitlin Wood, Chief Content Officer of Loans Canada

Sample articles:

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Timeline of Kanye West’s Anticipated “Donda” Album

Note: All content is published under the pen name, Veronica Ott.

Creative Projects

Film & Production

Creative Clan’s latest venture is film and production. Below is a 1-minute short written, directed and produced by Caitlin Devon.

Numinous Night

Check out Creative Clan’s YouTube channel for more content.

Screen Facts Blog

Screen Facts is a blog dedicated to film trivia. The venture was launched by Caitlin Devon and Cyprianos Carasoulos in early 2021. Other collaborators of Creative Clan contribute to the Screen Facts project.

In 2022, Screen Facts will introduce a podcast and merch line! To stay in the loop, follow on Instagram and Twitter.

Let’s build something together.

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